Polynesian Cultural Center Tours

Split a coconut with a pebble Samoan-style. Twirl a poi ball and get a (temporary) Maori tattoo. Practice the graceful motions of the Tongan mauluulu. Throw a spear like a Tahitian warrior. Experience all this and more at Oahu's most exciting cultural center. Immerse yourself in a fun-filled day learning traditions and ceremonies of Pacific Island peoples and don't miss the spectacular Ha: Breath of Life evening show.


  • 7 authentic Pacific Island villages
  • Award-winning luau buffet dinner
  • Ha: Breath of Life evening show
  • Island food stands for sampling traditional snacks
  • Canoe Pageant daily at 2:30 pm

Polynesian Cultural Center

Opening Hours

Monday - Saturday
11:45am – 9:00pm

Closed Sundays, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day



How far is the Polynesian Cultural Center from Ala Moana Hotel?

The Polynesian Cultural Center is approximately 34 miles from Ala Moana Hotel, about an hour by car or tour bus.

What is the admission?

Package prices are available and may be booked in advance online at Polynesian Cultural Center website.

Where can I learn more?

Learn all about the Polynesian Cultural Center at www.polynesia.com/.