Jurassic Park Tour

Attention all TV and movie buffs! For an experience you’ll never forget, witness the enchanting Hawaiian rainforest as you tour the Kuala Ranch, home to many of Hollywood’s famous shows and films. In addition to the Jurassic Park set, you’ll get to visit locations from a host of popular movies. The best part about the awe-inspiring Jurassic Park Tour is that it’s just 40 minutes from your accommodation at Ala Moana Hotel by Mantra.

Depending on how adventurous you are, there are several tours offering various modes of transport. Head to the ranch via a vintage school bus, drive your own ATV, climb aboard an off-road vehicle, or ride through the cattle ranch on horseback to fully immerse yourself in the wild terrain. You might even get a sense as if you’re in the movie and who knows what is lurking around the corner!

Regardless of the tour you select, there’s a ton of unique photo opportunities to be had and you’ll get to visit many different movie sites. Discover Jurassic Park’s famous fallen tree, the Indominus Rex dinosaur pen and Gyrosphere loading dock. Head on further in the tour to Godzilla’s footprints, view bunkers from LOST, along with many other interesting sets including Hawaii Five-O and Hukilau Cafe from 50 First Dates, all while taking in the striking scenery along the way.

You'll begin by visiting the Kuala Ranch, where you can take a look at the fascinating collection of movie posters, props and memorabilia to prompt your memory before you embark on your tour. There’s also historic Kualoa WWII artefacts and exhibits for you to look at before you head off to discover the movie marvel that is the Hawaiian wilderness.

If you’re interested in joining a Kualoa Ranch Tour, please come and see us at the Tours & Activities desk so we can assist with arranging your excursion.

Jurassic Park Tour

Opening Hours

7am – 5:30pm