Sauna & Steam Room, Ala Moana Hotel
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Sauna & Steam Room

Renew your body, mind and soul with Hawaii’s ancient healing practice of heat therapy when you stay at our hotel in Honolulu.

Melt your stress away in our sauna and steam room - the ideal reward during your time at Ala Moana Hotel by Mantra. Our hope is that you feel completely relaxed during your stay and we encourage you to make the most of this complimentary resort facility.

Saunas are known for their many advantages, such as reducing blood pressure while increasing oxygen to the brain and improving your metabolic rate, which can be related to how your body responds to cardiovascular exercise. Spending time in the sauna after a session in the gymnasium can also improve your recovery time and offers a great motivator to complete your workout.

Perhaps you’re not in the mood to workout in our Fitness Center but would like to achieve some of the benefits that exercise provides; a session in our hotel sauna is the ideal option. Not only is it a relaxing activity, but it can also improve your circulation, detoxify the body and reduce overall stress and anxiety. You may also experience other benefits such as balanced hormones, firmer skin and less joint pain, amongst many other improvements, unique to each individual.

There’s no need to find an excuse to make use of the hotel’s sauna and steam room, whether you’re simply looking for a way to take some time out for you and enter holiday mode – being our guest is reason enough to put your needs first and spoil yourself with a little pampering.

Please ensure you drink plenty of water both before and after your session. If it‘s your first time in a sauna, limit your session to 10 minutes. Cool off first after a workout before entering and if you feel lightheaded, dizzy, too hot or uncomfortable in any way end your session immediately. If you are pregnant or suffering from a heart condition you should not use the sauna.