Honolulu Harbor
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Honolulu Harbor

Poised on the edge of the Oahu Pacific Ocean, the Honolulu Harbor is part of the bustling financial district. Serving the city as the main seaport, the harbor is full of action with cargo ships and fishing boats arriving and departing throughout the day. With over 11 million tons of cargo being moved each year, it’s presence is vital to Hawaii’s economy and daily operation of the Island.

At any given moment you’ll be witness to a hive of activity and contrast, with an extensive variety of vessels on the water, from domestic fishing boats bringing in their daily catch, to large cruise ships docking ashore, cranes busily unloading cargo ships, and pilot boats navigating the waterways.

With a total of 53 piers, the dynamic Aloha Tower and Marketplace, Harbor Office, not to mention an excellent range of facilities to service its many patrons, the Honolulu Harbor is worth exploring even just to take in its magnificence.

A Foreign Trade Zone, the harbor is home to multiple cargo terminals, offices, storage centers and warehouses, along with the UH Marine Center and US Coast Guard Station.

Honolulu Harbor