Hickam Air Force Base

Occupying a footprint of 33 hectares of land, the Hickam Air Force Base provides a fascinating insight into military life. Dating back to the early 1930’s when it was first constructed, its original purpose was to protect Honolulu and Pearl Harbor throughout World War II. It suffered substantial damage when it was bombed by the Imperial Japanese Navy in 1941, with many lives lost and countless wounded during the attack.

Today it remains a fully operational military base, housing the Pacific Command, PACAF, 15th Wing, along with the Hawaii Air National Guard. Since retitled Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, you’ll find many historic buildings still in use. Taking its original name from aviation pioneer Lieutenant Colonel Horace Meek Hickam, the Hickam Air Force Base has been declared a National Historic Landmark due to its importance in World War II and still has great military significance to the U.S.

You’ll find that you won’t have to travel far from Ala Moana Hotel by Mantra to get to the Hickam Air Force Base, with our Honolulu accommodation located nearby and a number of transport options at your fingertips. Should you be using a private vehicle or joining an organised military tour, you’ll find it’s just a short 20 minute drive from the hotel.

Also worth visiting is the fascinating Pearl Harbor Historic sites Visitor Center, where you can learn about the Island’s intriguing history. For more information on guided excursions, please talk to us at the Tours & Activities Desk.

Hickam AFB (Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam)